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superstar, superstar!

i'm watching dollhouse in my room and i have a few malteasers and i'm in a great mood (*^ω^)! olivia williams looks so lovely, i'm so jealous. the only thing bothering me is whether brett's okay or not. his f1 game has a bug in it so he had to start again. i hope he's okay. i left his house today. we had such a lovely weekend together (。^‿^。) he gave me so many kisses and cuddles before i left that, even though my head was really hurting, i was barely aware of it. beautiful boy. 

i want to start uploading my pixels somewhere but i'm not exactly sure where. maybe photobucket? maybe i should google alternatives to photobucket. i'm not sure. anyway, my new theme on here is beautiful so i feel productive. 
btvs: buffy x angel

No Dreaming Aloud.

Buffy drabble.  
Title: No Dreaming Aloud. 
Summary: Episode teaser. Buffy's sleepy, weird things ensue. Set in early season one. (Wow, that sounds dull. I think you should ignore my summary and start reading..)
Rating: K. 
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, it all belongs to he who is boss; he is joss
Feedback is always appreciated. 

It was another warm day in Sunnydale; the thick air clung to Buffy's skin as she sat on her small bed, propped up by an old, misshapen pillow. Having moved into 1630 Revello Drive recently, her room was bare and hardly reflected the 16 year old's personality. She gazed around, sleepily, thinking about making plans to decorate in the near future, and maybe asking Willow to help her. The heat was making her eyes heavy, she tried to fight the urge to close them but, even with Slayer powers, she could not resist. 

Even with her eyes closed, she knew something was wrong at once. Whether it was her keen Slayer senses or the stale, salty smell that lingered in the air, she just knew it. But Buffy was brave, and even more than she was brave, she was curious. Lifting her head sightly, she took in her surroundings. She had been moved from the tiny bed in her bare room to, what looked like, a very large cave. "Great!" she muttered. 

"Buffy? B-Buffy.. Is that you?" 

Fade to black.

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long time, no post.

i'm going to try to get back into using livejournal again. i've tidied this up a little and removed everyone from my friends list because i really want to start fresh. right now, i have a cold. it's making me feel pretty crappy so i'm watching season one of house. the score is so beautiful and the lighting is so bad. i love re-watching pilot seasons of my favourite shows. i think i'm going to continue working on this tomorrow and just watch a bit of the mentalist now. i hope i can get some sleep. i'm annoyingly peckish. 
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at brett's.. still >:)♥ today's been really good :)<3
i hate tramadol so much though. urrurururrh. 
my face is numb. 
as long as brett's mother says it's okay, i'm staying here again tonight. 
which will be the third night in a rowwww ;-o 
and then tomorrow, joee & brett are staying at minee :):):) 
i'm gonna make a list of what i'm doing in the morning, cos i need to sort it out in my head.
i have a doctors appointment at 11:30am, so we should probably get the taxi from here at about 10:50 
i'll do it later. gonna go and smoke now. bbyeeee<3
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oh lordy me.

still at brett's house ;) i'm staying here forever. ffffuuu world. i might be staying here another nightttt, if it's okay with karen and my mother. i'm freaking out cos i'm so happy. it's awesome. we're listening to postal service and brett's on his xbox. i rant so much when i'm happy. my last three or four posts on tumblr have made no sense whatsoever. i just kinda left, earlier, without posting the picture i said i was gonna post. i shall do that now :)! 

there we go :)
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hai guys,

brett's house.

saaaafe. this is the first day of my life; swear i was born, right in the door way. i should probably put my jeans on :/! i just had a shower & am walking around with brett's daffy duck shirt on :')! daffy looks perverted ~it's creepy. honestlyy, i'm only on here cos tumblr's down. grr argh. besides, maybe it's different. i mean, i really think you like me. i'm gonna go put on more clothes, even though i'm boiling, and do my make up. how can i be boiling? there's fucking snow outside xD! if you hate the taste of wine, why do you drink it till you're blind? lalala. bright eyes<3 brb.


i have washed up, dryed everything and put it all away ;)! i also tidied brett's room, since his mother's been telling him to do it for ages. he can take the credit, idc. i like tidying. so i'm at his desk, with the laptop, now :)))! well pissed off tumblr still isn't working though ;_;! i just took pictures with the webcam >:) ..oh man. i think the internet's stopped working. wtf? :/ ~tries internernet explorer, reluctantly. urrrh. nothing's working :(! i miss my trusty battered laptop. even though it doesn't have a webcam.. :3! might have to save this into a document and restart. grrr. brb thhen. <3 </small></font>
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oh fml.

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<Just tried to be helpful &amp; tidy my room for when Brett comes round &amp; I fell down the stairs. I hit my headd and my arm loads. Ffs. I'll be fine. He'll be here in an hour, or so. I still have Castle, White Collar and How I Met Your Mother to watch. Might do that now, actually. Just hadn't posted on here, so I thought I would :] I'll post something longer, later. So glad Brett's staying the night &amp; we're going out for Chinese. It'll be great. And I'm kind of glad that we can't drink. I'm wearing his shirt, atm &gt;:)! It smells so goood. Hahahhaha. ANYYYWYWYWYAY. Gonna watch my shows and lye down. Might write, a little, too. Byeee for now xxxxx</font></font>
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Haven't posted in ages.

i came here to type something vaguely interesting - but i don't remember what it was, so i'm going to type out a list of my favourite couples on various tv shows :) 'cause that's far easier than writing about my feelings, which i really don't feel like doing right now. So, here:

dexter otp - lundy/deb
bones otp - obviously b/b and jack/angela
house otp - greg/cuddy!
gossip girl otp - rufus/lily
angel otp - wesley/lilah
buffy otp - amongst others, giles/jenny, giles/joyce, willow/tara, willow/kennedy, buffy/angel, xanda/anya
himym otp - barney/robin, robin/lily, marshall/me
dollhouse otp -  adelle/dom, adelle/victor, victor/sierra, paul/mellie, topher/claire, claire/boyd ><

found out dollhouse got canceled. don't want to write about it. too pissed off. too upset.

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